Remote Production for vores kunde Siemens.

Remote Production for Siemens

Vi forbereder os til Remote Production for vores kunde Siemens. Mediehusets medarbejder er her stand-in for hovedtaler. Optagelsesformatet vil være i 9:16 aspektet ratio (portrærformat), og vil blive LIVE-fusioneret med 2 andre remote-location (3 steder på kloden i alt) – og til sammen vil de 3 live-optagelser danne et 16:9 aspektet ratio (landskabsformat). Sammen med et digitalt backdrop (Virtual Set) vil illusionen være at de står i samme rum (samme location). Indholdet er fortroligt indtil offentliggørelse.

Remote production from green screen studios on 3 locationsTechnical requirements for the recording

  • Resolution/framerate: UHD and more Frame rate: 25 or 50 fps
  • File format: MOV PRO RES 444 or DNxHD
  • Color space: 10Bit – sRGB
  • Camera: 2 x 4K, 18-105 and 24-70mm lenses, min. 2/3-frame size
  • Fiber Internet Connection with 300/300 up/down
  • Video Interface: HD-SDI and HDMI to HD-SDI
  • Teleprompter

Communication during production

  • Communication with speakers via in-ear – no sound in the studio
  • Teleprompter/Autocue: Two/Three locations: Camera + side screens. Can be split screen as well
  • Using of Zoom as communication plattform during recordings

Requirements for light and sound

  • Microphones: Same model or system should be synced. Recordings levelled at -3dB
  • Delivery of individual audio tracks for subsequent professional audio engineering
  • Provision of in-ear microphones for all speakers
  • Synchronize recordings: to start the recordings synchronized


  • The greenscreen studio is required for 1 day for production and 1 day for the technical trial.
  • A technical rehearsal scheduled for the day before the recordings. Planning eight hours for the rehearsal.
  • Providing approx. 10 sec. footage in RAW from the studio in advance for post-edit-test.
  • Providing stand-in speaker for full technical rehearsal. incl. autocue (teleprompter), PPT, Audio etc.